Mickey’s Safari In Letterland


Genre: Educational, Children

Publisher: Hi-Tech Expressions

Total time played: 1 Hour

Short review: An educational platformer featuring Mickey Mouse where you take a safari through 6 worlds and collect letters to spell 3 letter words.


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Video Walkthrough

If you are over the age of 6 there is no reason to play this game.  You control Mickey through 6 stages which you play over and over.  Each time you reenter a stage you start from a different point but it still gets old pretty fast.

You travel through each stage with a net to catch stray letters that are hiding while avoiding all the cute animals you pass.  If you hit an animal don’t worry you can’t die, you just brush off your shorts and keep going.  Basically the only thing keeping you from beating this game on your first try is the fact that there are 26 stages (one for each letter of the alphabet) and you will be tempted after stage 2 to turn it off as it is just not a fun game.

But, I can’t give the game a horrible rating as the controls and graphics are great for the time and for an NES game the voices are very clear (unlike in “double dibble”).  Each time you collect 3 letters to spell a word Mickey spells the word, says the word and then laughs or says “oh boy”.  The only thing keeping me from liking this game is that I am over 25 years too old for the recommended age.  I imagine when I have kids and introduce them to video games this will be a pretty good starting point.



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