Double Dare


Genre: Game Show

Publisher: Gametek

Total time played: 15 minutes

Short review: Another sub-par game show game from Game-tek featuring easy trivia questions and impossible mini-games.

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Double Dare screams 1980’s-1990’s more than just about any game show except maybe Remote Control. Unfortunately the NES game translation is awful.  It plays a lot like other GameTek games (mainly the Wheel of Fortune games).

In the TV show two family’s would compete in a physical challenge that always involved getting covered in slime or water or shaving cream but in the NES game you just try to knock over bowling pins or put eggs into a hole.  But, from the players perspective you don’t get any of the mess.  Just because the host says you are bowling cantaloupes doesn’t mean it will look that way on the TV screen.

The physical challenges are played:

  1. before round 1
  2. before round 2
  3. anytime you don’t know the answer to a question, pass to the computer, and they pass it back to you.





Since the questions were multiple choice I never once passed to the computer meaning I only played a physical challenge before the beginning of each round.  This is a good thing as the physical challenges are near impossible.  In fact, I never once completed one.

In order to compete in a physical challenge you move the cursor left to set your speed then to the right to choose your angle and then tap A to roll your cantaloupe at the bowling pins or hit your egg towards the hole.  By the time I got a handle on the controls the computer had already won the challenge.

Luckily the trivia questions weren’t tough so I was able to answer enough correctly win the game.  Much like Wheel of Fortune, when you aren’t in control of the questions you basically just sit and watch as the computer answers questions.  In the 15 or so minutes I played the game half of that time was spent waiting my turn.  This is the second biggest downfall in the game.

The biggest downfall is after you win the game you must complete 8 obstacles on the obstacle course.  On the TV show this is the main event, similar to the Gauntlet in American Gladiators and the child equivalent of the Ninja Warrior courses of today.  I have deemed this obstacle course to be the single most difficult thing to complete in the entire NES library.

There are 8 obstacles and you have 60 seconds to complete them all.  In order to move you must alternate tapping the right and left key on the directional pad as fast as you can.  To my knowledge this is the only NES game where you don’t just hold right to move right.  Once you get a handle on this and get through each obstacle you must grab a flag hanging from a pole.  After you complete the obstacle but before you grab the flag the controls change and now right moves right like a regular game.  As soon as you grab the flag (which you have to be standing in exactly the right spot to do) the controls go back to right/left to move right.

I tried this on my Retron 5 console and created a save right at the start of the course.  I tried 50+ times and could never get through the course.  After a review of the thread on rules for beating every NES game it says to beat the game you need to “beat the computer”.  It didn’t mention winning the obstacle course, thank goodness.

I was able to beat 6 of 8 obstacles which is good enough for me.  IMG_3140


3 thoughts on “Double Dare

  1. Man, my mom got this game for me from a garage sale a loooong time ago. Remember the days when you didn’t have a ton of games and had to convince yourself the ones you had were good? This was definitely one of those cases…

    1. For me that game was Fester’s Quest. But, because I played it so much I actually grew to like it. Since you grew up with Double Dare were you ever able to beat the obstacle course at the end?

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