Hogan’s Alley



Genre: Light Gun

Publisher: Nintendo

Total time played: 20 minutes

Short review:  An arcade style police training simulator featuring 3 different game types.

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I have memories of playing Hogan’s Alley at my cousin John’s house when I was pretty young.  It was before I had an NES and it was one of the only games I had access to play on a regular basis.  In my head the game was not fun at all and the controls weren’t very good.

I was pleasantly surprised of the game quality while playing today.  First off, the control seemed to be really good.  I never had any issues shooting the wrong person or aiming the gun at someone and missing completely.  The accuracy of the gun is as good in Hogan’s Alley as any other game on the NES.  I found myself trying to get the high score in each game mode and if there were online leader boards I could see myself playing the game over and over trying to get a top score.

The character designs are fairly detailed for an early NES release making it very easy to tell who is a good guy and who is a bad guy.

Game Mode 1



This is your basic shoot the bad guy in what appears to be a shooting range.  Each round begins with 3 cardboard cutouts being turned around and your job is to shoot the 1 or 2 bad guys who appear while not shooting the good guys.  It is very straight forward.  The issue is that there is no music and the background is very bland.  Even so, I found myself trying to play as long as possible.  I made it to around round 50 before finally shooting the wrong person 10 times and getting a game over.


Game Mode 2


This is exactly the same as game mode one but now you are in a real world environment.  The good guys and bad guys pop up inside buildings and in alley ways.  This mode is much more fun than Mode 1 even though it is the exact same concept.  The characters are all the same and again there is no music.  But, again, I found myself trying to get a high score.  My only complaint is that each Round takes place in the same environment, it would have been nice to have multiple settings.

Game Mode 3


I’m not really sure how Game Mode 3 made it into Hogan’s Alley.  It doesn’t seem to be in line with the other two game types.  In this scenario cans enter from the right side of the screen and fall towards the ground.  Your job is to shoot the can over and over to where it doesn’t hit the ground.  You get points depending on which ledge the can lands on the left side of the screen.  It is basically juggling cans with a hand gun.  This was not quite as fun as game mode 2 but it was still decently enjoyable.


Hogan’s Alley was more fun than I remember.  Most of the enjoyment came out of the fact that I found the light gun to be accurate.  Even though Hogan’s Alley is a 1-player game there could be some fun had taking turns with friends trying to get the high score.  If you want to play the best police training simulator of all time I suggest the arcade only “Police Trainer“.


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