Puss N Boots: Pero’s Great Adventure



Genre: Platformer

Publisher: Electro Brain

Total time played: 30 minutes

Short review:  A very short and simple game that features multiple styles of platform oriented game play but somehow still feels repetitive.

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I somehow missed Puss N Boots when going through and finding all the cat oriented games on the NES.  Actually, I can only think of Rockin Kats and Felix the Cat off hand.  Both of those games are worth playing.  Puss N Boots isn’t.

The game starts off by showing you a list of several locations around the world that Puss will have to traverse in order to beat the game.  In this case, beating the game means standing on top of the Statue of Liberty.  Maybe I missed the story, but I couldn’t figure out why that was the end of the game.

The world map should tell you everything you need to know about the game.  It looks like a 5th grader drew a picture of the continents from memory.  The whole game comes across with about that same amount of effort.

There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason with the order you play the stages and some of the stages are so boring that you may walk for 15 seconds without running into an enemy.  Puss walks so slow that I found myself jumping through each stage because the jumping speed was at least 3 times the walking speed.

Throughout the game you will find yourself piloting multiple vehicles including a car, boat, plane, hot air balloon, and submarine.  Each one of these modes of transportation operates the same way.  They all travel at roughly the same speed and shoot the same projectiles, or at least very similar projectiles.

The game poses almost no challenge and there is definitely no reason to explore or collect items such as money bags that you find laying around because points don’t matter and there are no hidden stages (that I could find).

One of the later stages of the game changed things up a bit and was like a maze.  There were multiple doors to enter that took you to different areas.  Either I got really lucky or all doors eventually led to the end of the stage.  I never felt lost at all.

Some stages featured bosses but most did not.  The final boss appeared out of nowhere and actually was surprisingly difficult compared to the rest of the game. It probably took me 5 tries to beat the final boss.

The game isn’t bad, it is just very sub-par.  The controls are decent but each stage features bland backgrounds and a lot of the enemies and bosses suffer from the NES flicker effect so bad that sometimes I couldn’t really tell what an enemy was supposed to be.  If you need to beat a game quick Puss N Boots is a great game to pick, but if you want to have fun I’d definitely stick with something else.



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