Defender II


Genre: Shooter

Publisher: Hal

Total time played: 20 Minutes

Short review: Even though this game has graphics that would not be impressive on the Atari the gameplay is actually kind of addicting. It reminds me of a 2D version of Geometry Wars.

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I was looking on at a list of NES games with no definite ending to find a quick game to play on this Friday night.

Defender II was listed as “repeats after first level”.  I didn’t expect much from this game as there was only one stage but I was pleasantly surprised.  The game plays like Defender on the Atari, I guess it makes sense since this is Defender II.

You control a space ship that can move up and down and fly either left or right.  Your goal is to kill the enemies on screen by shooting them down before they can steel the people on the ground. The graphics are nothing to be impressed by as 90% of the screen is just black, like night, or space, but with less stuff to look at.

I played through the game 3 or 4 times until I got a game over and ended up getting the high score of 15,000.  I reached level 3 which was the same as level 2 and level 1 but with more enemies.  I could see myself playing this game quite a bit trying to get a higher and higher score.  It reminds me a lot of Geometry Wars on the Xbox 360, very easy to learn but very hard to master.

But, because there are still close to 700 NES games left to play I didn’t play this game too long tonight.  I’ll revisit in the future and try to get a respectable high score. I only gave it 4 hearts as it is a one trick pony, even though it is fun it isn’t a classic.




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