Championship Bowling


Genre: Sports

Publisher: Romstar

Total time played: 15 Minutes

Short review: A very basic bowling game that is fun for 5 minutes but just as you start to get the hang of the controls the game is no longer fun.

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This game plays a lot like Magic Darts. Select one of 4 bowlers, choose the weight of your ball (I didn’t notice that the different weighted balls performed any differently) and bowl 10 frames.

When you roll the ball you have 3 options to change the outcome of your roll.

1) Move your character left and right to place him where you want him to release the ball.

2) Select the spin of your ball.

3) Select the speed of your ball.

The first time I tried to play the game it began messing up in the 3rd frame and a 6 appeared in the middle of the lane.  Each frame after more 6’s appeared on the screen and by the end of the game I couldn’t even see my score as the screen was full of the number 6.

I took out the game and cleaned it and played another round.  I bowled a 77 this time which is awful.  I selected the left handed bowler by mistake and it really messed me up for some reason.  I decided to try a 3rd time.

This time I chose the right handed bowler, the 15 pound ball and I named him “ACE”.  For the first time I started rolling strikes.  By the end of the match I scored a 199.  This was not good enough to get on the high score of the end screen (minimum was 250).  But, it is higher than I have scored in real life bowling so I consider it a win.

The thing is, I believe if the game had been more fun I would have played 8-10 rounds and gotten in the groove and scored close to 300.  But, unfortunately I have already had my fair share of this game and have no desire to play it anymore.

This game may have been more fun had I played it in 1989 before Wii Bowling on the Wii Sports pack came out.  Wii Bowling is easily the best bowling game of all time and it is hard to play this game knowing that game exists.










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