Super Mario Bros. 3


Genre: Platform

Publisher: Nintendo

Total time played: 2 Hours

Short review: If you are reading this blog there is no way that you aren’t familiar with this game already.  Widely considered to be the best NES game of all time.

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By my calculation this is the 99th NES game I have completed since starting my journey in March of 2013.  A lot of people have asked why I waited so long to play Super Mario 3. I have a reason, but before I get into the reason I want to take you back to my first experience playing the game.

When the game was first released I called all 4 video stores in my town hoping to find a copy to rent.  Luckily, one of the video stores, Video Daves, had the game in stock and my mom offered to drive me to pick it up.  Of course it was at the store that was the farthest from our house.  When I arrived at home I ran inside to play and noticed my aunt and my cousin Jamie and his friend James had come over for a visit.  I volunteered to let James and Jamie play before me since I knew after they left I would have the whole weekend to play.

I watched in awe as they took turns playing for an hour or so.  When they left it was my turn.  Of course the hype was through the roof due to Nintendo Power and the movie The Wizard.  I had read and watched everything about the game so I knew what to expect when I finally played.

The game surpassed all of my expectations.  I spent the next day playing each stage until I finally reached the castle.  After several attempts I beat the castle and what I thought was the entire game.  Then Mario was transported to a desert world, world 2.  I had just completed the first world in the game.  I had completed barely more than 10% of the game, I couldn’t believe how big this game was.

For my birthday that year I got my very own copy of Mario 3 and played it for hours.  Me, my brother and my mom would play it every chance we got.  It wasn’t until I took it to my friend Nathan’s one night years later that I finally beat the game.  We took turns playing stages and finally beat Bowser, I was probably 12 years old.

When I beat the game the Sony Playstation was just coming out and all of my friends were getting rid of their NES.  This is when I first starting collecting NES games.  By the end of middle school I had close to 100 games, most of which were given to me for free.

In high school I didn’t play much NES, I was too busy playing Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil, Crash Bandicoot and Symphony of the Night on the Playstation.  When I got to college I took my NES collection with me. Whenever a friend would come over we would usually play a game.

This is the reason I waited so long to play Mario 3.  Every friend that would come over to play NES would want to play Super Mario 3.  I had 300 games to choose from but Super Mario 3 was the only game people wanted to play.  I got really burnt out.

I kept putting the game off knowing it would take forever to beat and I just didn’t have the energy to put into a game I was sick of.  But, when I finally put the game in the NES I found that even though I have played it a million times it was still fun.  I didn’t want to devote tens of hours into the game so I used the warps.

From the time I turned the game on until I was in world 8 was less than 10 minutes.  But, world 8 took me probably 3 hours and 30 continues to get through.  I had forgotten how hard the last world was…or I had lost my touch…or both.

I had made the mistake of warping too early.  I had no power ups saved up to use in the last world which meant every stage was harder than it needed to be.

After leaving the game paused for 4 days I finally beat the game tonight.  I found Bowsers final castle and Bowser himself to be the easiest part of world 8.

The game is still a classic and still one of the best games on the NES but it isn’t my favorite.  For my 100th game I am going to play and beat my personal favorite NES game of all time.  Hopefully it won’t take months.

Super Mario Bros 3


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