Ikari Warriors III: The Rescue


Genre: Action

Developer: SNK

Total time played: 1 hour

Short review: A very simple beat em up action/arcade game with unlimited continues.  It is impossible not to beat if you play long enough.

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I recently purchased a Playstation 4 and have been playing some newer games than the old NES games I grew up with.  I decided to give Ikari Warriors III a try after my friend Jason said it was a short and easy game.

I’m not sure if it is that I have been playing current generation games or what but this game just didn’t offer much.  I loved Guerrilla War and this is pretty much the same game made by the same company but instead of shooting a gun you punch enemies.

The game takes place over 5-6 stages, I can’t even remember because they all started running together.  The only stage that stands out is stage 4 which features your character underwater with a gun.

Even though the game takes place on what appears to be a battlefield and military base your character and most of the enemies never use a weapon.  the A button kicks and the B button punches.  Typically in games I always kick as it gives you better range and is stronger but in this game I only punched.  The hit detection is awful and I would sometimes be punching an enemy and there would be at least 1 inch on the TV screen between my fist and his face but he would fall to the ground anyway.

Every enemy wears the same green army looking jump suit, they didn’t seem to notice that I was even there.  The enemies would just move from left to right or top to bottom of the screen punching and kicking, if I happened to be in their path I would get hit, if not they just punched the air and walked off screen.

Even with all of these issues the game is playable.  The first Ikari Warriors (which I haven’t played in years) is almost unplayable if memory serves due to the extremely slow nature of the games movement.  Ikari Warriors III suffers from extreme NES slow down if too many enemies are on screen but it isn’t enough to render the game unplayable.  If I were to compare the difference in speed between the first and third installments of this game I would use the games 1942 and 1943.  1943 is one of the best shooters on the NES and 1942 is an unplayable pile of slow motion garbage.

Ikari Warriors III is an arcade port which means you are going to die a lot.  Typically arcade ports feature cheap deaths so the player would have to insert more quarters.  Since the NES does not require you to insert quarters there is no punishment for dying.  When you continue you continue at the same spot in the game.  If you die on a boss and continue the boss doesn’t get full health meaning that you could hit a boss once and die and do it over and over and you would eventually win. Because of this feature the game offers no challenge which may be another reason I didn’t love it.

The final mission of the game looked as if the gameplay would be different as the small girl that you rescue in the previous stage has to follow you through enemy territory.  But, the enemies ignore her and she can’t be hit, so the game play is identical to earlier stages but a small invincible girl is following your character.

If you have 20 minutes to kill and want to beat a game Ikari Warriors III: The Rescue is worth checking for the sharply rendered cut scenes you watch between each stage. But, there are better games you should play first.

 Ikari Warriors III The Rescue


3 thoughts on “Ikari Warriors III: The Rescue

  1. Doesn’t this game have infinite continues? I remember buying this one like in 1999 from Funco, beating it in an hour and never touching it again. Sounds like I’m being nostalgic about nostalgia…yeesh. Anyway yeah, I don’t remember this one being great. Guerilla War is much better. I’m not huge on this series in general. I think the most interesting thing about it is the final boss in the first game is a rotting corpse.

    1. The game does have infinite continues, that is the only way I could beat it. I agree with you on the Ikari Warriors series, the first game wasn’t good enough to justify 2 sequels.

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