Wild Gunman



Genre: Light Gun

Publisher: Nintendo

Total time played: 15 minutes

Short review:  Another light gun game for the NES.  This one takes you back to the old west where you have a shoot out against some of the baddest guys in gun fighting.  But, the game is too short and offers very little variety in gameplay.

Interesting links related to Wild Gunman

Wild Gunman reached its highest level of recognition in Back To The Future 2.  The arcade game featured in that film looks a lot more fun than the ported version on the NES.

Wild Gunman in concept is much better than Wild Gunman in execution.  There are 3 game modes which I will talk about individually.

One Outlaw: one of about 4 bad guys moseys onto the screen and when the word fire appears you shoot.  Each bad guy has a specific time that they will take to shoot you, if you shoot faster you win.  I like the idea of seeing how much time you have to shoot but it takes some of the tension away.  To win the game you must beat the high score of 12,000.  That means you have to beat 3 gunman.  I beat 30 before I got bored and lost on purpose.  As you get farther in the game I was surprised to see that the bad guys shooting speed didn’t shorten.  If it took a guy .90 seconds to shoot in round one it took him .90 seconds to shoot in round 30.  This didn’t give me much reason to continue playing.

Two Outlaw: this is exactly the same as One Outlaw except there are two bad guys to shoot.  You have to shoot slightly faster to hit them both in time but it isn’t different enough than one outlaw to be fun.  I started acting like the gun was in a holster (instead of just pointing at the screen and waiting to fire) and drawing when the screen told me to fire.  This made the game a lot more fun but I also lost almost instantly, it was much harder.

Gang: Now, instead of being in what appears to be a desert I am in front of a saloon, with windows and doors.  Bad guys appears in each window and door and my job is to shoot them.  This reminds me of Hogan’s Alley but with less skill involved.  In Hogan’s Alley every once in a while a woman with a baby would pop out and you would have to be smart enough to not shoot her.  In Wild Gunman you shoot as soon as you see the white pixels in their eyes, there is no thought and very little skill involved.

For 10 minutes this is a fun game but after that it gets hard to keep going.


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