Hollywood Squares



Genre: Game Show

Publisher: Gametek

Total time played: 15 minutes

Short review:  Another attempt at making a video game based on a popular TV show.  The gimmick that each person inside a square tells a joke before giving their real answer is the charm of the show and the thing about the NES game that makes it hard to play.

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Every time I think I have suffered through every NES game based on a game show or board game another one seems to pop up.

Hollywood Squares plays exactly like the game show.  Pick a square on a tic tac toe board that contains a person who gives a joke answer to a question and then a real answer and you decide if they are right or wrong.  If you are right you get the square and if you are wrong your opponent gets the square.  The first to complete the line in the game of tic tac toe wins. The jokes the squares tell are awful, as an example.

Host: “People polled believe the value of a college education is getting worse.”

Square: “Depends on if you ask the person paying the tuition.”

Host” The square says, “Yes””

What?  The square did not say yes, he told a lame joke and the joke remained on screen for way too long before I could select my response.

I actually though I had already beaten Hollywood Squares but as I replayed the game last night I remember why I didn’t.

I don’t consider a game show game beaten until I win the prize at the end.  In Hollywood Squares that prize is a car.  I tried several times without winning. To win the car you pick one of 5 keys and try to start one of 10 cars.  After several attempts of not winning the car I gave up.  I have seen all this game has to offer and even if I didn’t win the car I beat my computer opponent.  But, you wouldn’t know that from looking at the photo telling me that I have “bad luck”.


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