Gotcha! The Sport!



Genre: Light Gun

Publisher: LJN

Total time played: 10 minutes

Short review:  The hit detection and speed at which the game can be completed makes it one of the better light gun games on the NES.

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Another LJN game licensed from a movie, what a surprise.  This game is based off the 1985 Anthony Edwards movie, Gotcha!, that I watched on several occasions with my grandfather who inexplicably loved it. The only thing the game and movie have in common is paintball and they barely have that in common.  In fact, if I wasn’t familiar with the movie I don’t know that I would even have known I was shooting paint balls and not real bullets in this game.

Unlike most light gun games you have to told the gun in one hand and the controller in the other in Gotcha!  The point of the game is to move right, capture the enemy flag and then move left to place it on your flag pole.  I found it easy to just hold the right button on the controller, plow through the level and then hold left and plow back through, I never stopped to take in the scenery.  Each level takes 2-3 minutes to complete.  While you move through the level you have to shoot the bad guys before they shoot you.  On easy difficulty this is not difficult, on hard difficulty it is very difficult as the time between the enemy appearing and shooting is very short.  I played on easy.

I was getting into the game and enjoying myself as the gun seemed responsive and the aim seemed excellent.  After completing the forest stage, the slums stage and the winter wonderland stage the game began to loop.

There are only 3 stages in Gotcha! and after beating the 3rd stage you get no fanfare of any kind, the game takes you back to stage one and the only reason to keep playing is to increase your high score.  I decided to move on to a different game as I had seen all Gotcha! had to offer.  I would have liked the game more if it was longer and had an ending.


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