Fester’s Quest



Genre: Adventure

Publisher: Sunsoft

Total time played: 4 hours

Short review:  Built on the same engine as Gremlin’s 2, Fester’s Quest features an overhead view, large sprites, unique bosses and a large world to explore.

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From my experience growing up with the NES every kid in the neighborhood had that one game that no other kid had.  It was probably a game his mom bought on clearance at Wal-Mart as a last minute birthday or Christmas gift.  For me, that game was Fester’s Quest.  I have fond memories of playing this game with my mom and brother.  I unfortunately do not remember if we ever completed the game. If it weren’t for those memories I probably would have rated the game lower than 4.5 hearts.

Fester’s Quest features what at first appears to be an open world and underground sewer system for you to explore but upon playing you realize the game is actually pretty linear.  The typical “level” plays as follows:

* Walk around the overworld fighting enemies such as frogs and aliens until you find a house.

*Open the house with a key and meet a member of the Addams Family who will give you a weapon or powerup.

* Find stairs and enter the sewer and walk around until you find another set of stairs that takes you to the overworld again.

* Find a white building and use a key to enter.  Navigate the first person world of the building until you find a door.

* Fight a boss.

The entire game follows this same pattern.  The overworld always looks the same and the sewer always looks the same each boss building looks the same.  The game is very straight forward but there is a big catch.  From the starting point to the final level takes probably 30 minutes to walk.  When you die you always start at the beginning of the game.  So, if you die at the final boss you will start back at the beginning of the game.  The only good news is you don’t have to fight the bosses you have already defeated but you still have to make the long trek back to where you left off.

If it weren’t for this one quirk the game would have been much more enjoyable.  The boss battles weren’t perfect either.  The first few bosses were fairly easy but then they got insanely difficult.  The final 3 bosses I never found a real strategy to win.  I would just use an invisibility potion and stand in one spot and fire my gun or use my whip.  Luckily each boss died before I ran out of invisibility potions.  I almost feel like I was cheating because no real strategy was involved.

I would recommend this game as it is one of the better licensed games based on a movie or TV show but it isn’t one of the best games on the system.  It might not be quite as fun as Gremlins 2 (which I haven’t beaten as of 3/17/15) but it holds more nostalgic value for me.


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