Magic Darts



Genre: Sports

Publisher: Romstar

Total time played: 25 minutes

Short review:  A surprisingly deep darts game featuring a well rounded group of playable characters.

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I have played darts a few times in my life but never enough to understand the rules.  Magic Darts has multiple game types that I chose at random and just played until I won.  The most difficult being “Around the Clock” which involved me having to hit the numbers 1-10 in order.  Strangely, I didn’t have to do 1-12 since there are 12 numbers on a clock.

The characters ranged from typical video game men and women to an alien, a robot, a muscle man, a guy who looks like a devil and a Chinese stereotype.  Each of the characters threw the darts in their own unique way and I found this to be the most amusing part of the game.

I played Magic Darts by myself but I could see where it might actually be fun with a room full of people.  As a side note, I have a very distinct memory of a man trying to sell Magic Darts to the owner of the video store in my home town when I was looking around one day.  I don’t remember if he bought the game or not but if he did I am sure I never rented it.


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