Genre: Board Game

Publisher: LJN

Total time played: 30 minutes

Short review:  Dictionary takes a game that would not normally translate well to a video game console and makes it fun.  Before Mario Party Dictionary provided a board game experience with mini games.  One of the few LJN games worth playing.

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After the horrible time I had playing Anticipation I was not looking forward to Dictionary.  Each game makes you guess pictures based on really bad drawings.  Unlike Anticipation though, Pictionary is actually fun.

I played a one player game but I could see where this game could be fun with multiple teams.  Not only do you have to be good at guessing pictures but you have to be good at mini-games as well.  Each colored square on the board is a different mini-game.  The games include catching people from a burning building, a Galaga style shooter, a simple platform level where you have to collect balls and a box moving game.

Each of these games has an objective to collect items.  For each item you collect a piece of the drawing is revealed.  When time runs out you guess the puzzle.  The better at each mini-game you are the more of the puzzle is revealed making it easier to guess.

Thankfully when it is time to guess the puzzle the number of letters is given to you making it a bit easier to guess.  Also, unlike Anticipation, if you guess wrong you can guess again until time runs out.  This comes in handy if you accidentally misspell a word.

Pictionary is fun and it would be more fun with more people.


Take the box art for Anticipation, that is what a room full of people playing Pictionary might look like. But, there isn’t a whole lot to the game so I doubt the replay value would be very high in 2015.  Plus, games like Mario Party have come along and taken what Pictionary did and made it much more enjoyable.


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