Fisher Price: Perfect Fit



Genre: Children/Educational

Publisher: Gametek

Total time played: 10 minutes

Short review:  This is the first children/educational game that I have played that may actually provide some useful learning to a child and is more fun than any of the Sesame Street games.

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I kept putting off this game knowing how horrible all of the kids games on the NES have been.  But, I was pleasantly surprised.  Don’t get me wrong, this is still not a game a 30+ year old man should be playing but it is actually a game that has a goal and made me think for about 2 seconds.

You start the game by deciding to play alone or against the computer.  I chose the computer and put the computer on the highest difficulty.  I selected the name “ACE” as it took 2 seconds to type in and it was the name me and my friend Nathan always used as kids.  The computer chose the name “Electro” which is super cool in my book.  A kids computer opponent named Electoro.

The game involves several shadows on the screen and one at a time an item appears out of shadow and you must match the shadow to the shape.  You have the option to flip the shape horizontally or vertically making the child (or me) think about spacial orientation.  The game didn’t pose any challenge to me but as a small child I would have had to think.

The game moves at a decent speed, unlike the horrible Sesame Street games.  The speed of the game and slight mental capacity needed to play make this the best children’s educational game I have played on the NES to date. Don’t be fooled.  It is still not a great game, it is just good for what it is.


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