The Three Stooges


Genre: Arcade

Publisher: Activision

Total time played: 2 Hours

Short review:  A poorly thought out “tribute” to the Three Stooges.  Horrible sprites and boring mini games are all this game offers.

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The Three Stooges must raise at least $5,000 in 30 days to save their orphanage from bankruptcy.  In order to do this they resort to any means necessary and will take any job. The jobs are placed in a row of 6 mini games with mouse traps sprinkled throughout.  You have to hit the A button to stop the finger on the job you want.  If all of your fingers get snapped by the mouse trap it is game over. Below are the different jobs you can work to raise the money.


Doctors: Run behind a doctor pushing a gurney while avoiding other patients.  The quicker that you get the operating room the more money you make.

Waiter: All Three Stooges stand behind a table filled with cream pies while three customers stand across the room from you.  Both groups throw pies at each other until time runs out.  This is the only game I felt like I got decent at.  There was timing and skill involved, which I can’t say about any of the other games.


Cracker Eating Contest: I never quite figured this one out. You move a spoon over a bowl of soup eating crackers.  Sometimes I would eat the cracker and sometimes I wouldn’t.  I never knew what I was doing but I usually seemed to make pretty decent money playing this game.


Boxing: I was excited to see there was a boxing mini-game.  But, you don’t control the boxer.  The top left corner of the screen shows one of the stooges getting hit by a giant boxing glove over and over while you control a stooge on the bottom of the screen.  The stooge you control moves from left to right while avoiding ladders, boxes and fire hydrants.  Once you reach the end you turn around and run back from right to left.  If you get back to the starting point before the timer expires you win the boxing match.  This game made no sense to me.


Trivia: I was awful at this game since I’m not that familiar with the Stooges.  Plus, the questions were really tough like asking for specific years that certain things happened on the show.

Safe: Not a game, you just get money for doing nothing.

Money: Same as above, you just get money for nothing.

Question Mark: You either get money or have to pay back money to the bank for breaking a safe that fell on Curly’s head.

Bank: If you have money you have to pay it to the bank for breaking a safe on Curly’s head.  If you don’t have money the bank just reminds you that you will never make enough money to save the orphanage.

Slapping game: The Stooges take turns slapping each other.  If you do well the finger that lets you select the mini games will move slower allowing you to better pick the game you want.  If you do poorly the finger will move faster making the game you play almost completely random.

I had to play this game about a dozen times before finally getting in the groove.  The character sprites were poorly designed, the controls could have used some improvement.  The mini games became very monotonous and the sound and music were subpar.  The best part of the game is literally the first thing you see when you turn the game on.


The Ghostbusters Logo appears.  It caught me off guard until I saw the Stooges appear and say they are in the wrong game.

This game is not very fun but it isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever played. I ended up raising $10,780 for the orphanage. To beat the game you need $5,000.  There was apparently enough left over to let them pay the rent.  I believe I needed $20,000 in order to save the orphanage and get the girl.  But, I have no desire to try again.

The Three Stooges


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