Spot The Video Game


Genre: Board Game

Publisher: Arcadia

Total time played: 20 Minutes

Short review:  This isn’t so much Spot the Video Game as it is Othello sponsored by 7UP.

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When I first turned this game on I expected to play the side scroller game where I controlled Spot that I rented several times as a kid.  But, my memory has failed me.  That game was on the Sega Genesis not the NES.

This game is just Othello (possibly with slightly different rules) where you get a cute Spot animation on screen each time you move a piece.  The game is very short, less than 5 minutes to play total.  It took me about 4 tries but I finally beat the computer and I got a cool fireworks display telling me “yellow wins”.

The developer missed an opportunity with Spot The Video Game to make it minimally better.  This would be a more enjoyable 2-player or even 4-player experience but sadly Spot is just for one player.  Even with multiplayer  you would still get bored with this game in minutes.  It is much more enjoyable to just play Othello.


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