Wall Street Kid


Genre: Strategy

Publisher: Sofel

Total time played: 2.5 Hours

Short review: A point and click adventure where you but and sell stock in order to impress your pompous lawyer.

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In the summer of 2007 I was stuck in the backseat of a car for 9 hours on the way to a family reunion and had just bought my first Macbook Pro.  I had downloaded an emulator program with some roms and decided to play Wall Street Kid.  I have owned the actual game cartridge for probably 10 years but never played it.  It sounded boring.  But, when stuck in a car for 9 hours even boring things sound fun.

I was wrong, it was still boring.  I played maybe 20 minutes, could never really get the hang of it and turned it off.  Here we are, 8 years later and I decided to play again.  For some reason this time I am somehow drawn to this game, it still isn’t fun but was determined to beat it and it satisfied me.

One of the other reasons I never revisited this game is because of the password system.  While playing on an NES it would take maybe 10 minutes to type in the password.  In the days before smart phones it would have taken another 10 minutes to write the password down (I just take a pic of passwords now).  Too many times I have written down a long password only to realize I did it wrong and had to start a game over.  I played this on my Retron 5, so instead of typing in the password I just created a save state on the password screen, much easier.



Would you want to type this in to continue a saved game?

The game starts off when you learn from “a lawyer” that your rich uncle has left you his vast wealth of 600 billion dollars but he won’t give it to you until you prove you can turn $500,000 into a house, a yacht and buy back the family castle in only 4 months. Isn’t this just like Brewster’s Millions without the good message?

The game is a point and click adventure where you do nothing but look at a desk and move the mouse to the item of the thing you want to do.

Clock – skips forward one day

Computer – allows you to buy/sell or view your stocks

Flowers – take your girlfriend on a date

daily planner?? – workout

newspaper – get daily stock tips and hear some local news

dollar sign – get a loan from the bank

There is also a place to pay $1,000 for a stock tip which is usually not so much a tip as a bad pun and you can also pay $500 to learn what a stock is.

The game feels very much like a PG version of the old TI-83 calculator game I used to play in high school called “Drug Wars“.  The goal is to buy low and sell high and make as much money as you can.  The game is really very simple and as long as you follow the “hot stock tips” listed in the paper it isn’t hard at all.  The stocks all have clever names as seen below.


A few things in the game seem pointless.  Every single Friday you get a phone call from your needy girlfriend.  First she wants a dog, then a car, then jewelry, then to throw a party, then to buy a dress for the party,  art for the house, a stereo system, you name it she wants it.  It really is annoying and from what I can tell you don’t have to buy any of it.  The writers didn’t think too hard about the dialogue for the characters.  Art sells art, Doc sells a boat, Julie sells Jewelry. I did appreciate that the car salesman was named Cal, an obvious nod to famous car salesman Cal Worthington  No matter who is selling what they all pretty much have the exact same dialogue with just a few words changed.  Not much thought went into it.

There are a few things you do have to do.  If you don’t workout often enough you will just die, sitting at your desk you say “I don’t feel to good” BOOM! Game Over. If you don’t take your girlfriend on enough dates she will leave you.

Also, every couple of weeks your lawyer will tell you that you have to buy a house, a yacht, or a castle.  If you fail to raise enough money to buy the item he tells you to by the given deadline he tells you that you just aren’t made to have 600 billion in assets.  So, by not spending money he tells you that you are not cut out to have money?? I don’t get it.

The auction to buy back the castle is so confusing.  You are the only person bidding and you have to keep outbidding yourself until the auctioneer tells you the castle has sold.  It makes no sense.  I first bought the castle for 5 million but couldn’t make enough money in the final phase of the game to pay off the loan.  When I tried a second time I bought the castle for 2.2 million which was very easy to earn and pay off.  The other issue I had with the auction is that while bidding you had to input your bid into the following format “0000,0000”  It took me several tries to figure out how much I was actually bidding, the comma was in the wrong place.

It took me a few tries to get the hang of things and then my brain just kind of went on auto pilot and I would buy and sell stock until I had enough money to buy everything and the game suddenly ended with me being 10 times richer than the richest man on the planet.

The game isn’t bad, the art of the characters is actually pretty decent and as long as you mute the annoying music that will repeat for the entire 45 minutes or so the game lasts you might actually enjoy this game.


Wall Street Kid


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