Genre: Platform

Publisher: Taito

Total time played: 1 hour

Short review: A very basic platform that could have been so much more.  Not a bad game by any means but nothing set it apart from the crowd.

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After watching the PatTheNESPunk review of this game I thought I should give it a try as it looked pretty fun and pretty easy.  Both of those assumptions were correct.

The game is pretty generic.  You are a man who has been turned into a monkey by an evil wizard and you must travel through 6 stages and defeat the wizard to become a man again.

The first thing I noticed about Toki is that he has bad posture, I find this amusing for some reason.  To jump you press A and to shoot your projectile you press B and you start the game with only 2 hearts which means 2 hits and you are dead.  Your projectile is your spit.  Throughout the game you get power ups that will temporarily give you the ability to spit fire, 3 way fire and a flame thrower.  There are a couple of additional power ups as well including shoes that allow you to jump higher and a football helmet.

Each of the 6 stages has its own theme and none of them are original.  There is the jungle/forest stage, the fire stage, water stage, ice stage and castle stage.  Toki controls the same during all of the stages which means that you don’t slide around during the ice stage like almost every other NES game.  From what I could tell there were also no secrets, bonus stages or easter eggs in the game.  There is nothing wrong with this it just made the game not seem as fresh and fun as one of the Mario games.

Each stage ended with a boss fight and each boss fight was very easy with the exception to the stage 5 boss which took me a half dozen tries to beat.  My favorite boss was the boss who shot projectiles at you that spelled the word BURP.  No rhyme or reason for this, just a little humor the game programmers put in.



The word burp is a projectile and each letter moves independently.  The screen shot above is not from the NES version of the game.  I wish the graphics were this good on the NES.

Throughout the game you have the ability to continue up to 4 times but be warned, if you continue  you always start out with only 2 hearts.  During two of the stages you earn an extra heart meaning that if you don’t ever continue you now must be hit 4 times to die instead of two.  I had to continue one time which made the last level more difficult but luckily I was able to defeat the final boss on my fourth or fifth try without getting hit.

No part of the game presented any difficulty with exception to the final stage that featured an auto scrolling roller coaster type contraption that you had to jump from car to car on.  Your jumps had to be timed almost perfectly to make the jumps.  Luckily the game was very liberal with check points so once I made it through a spot I rarely had to do it again.

All in all this is a pretty decent game with good controls and fun bosses but there just wasn’t much to it.  The game felt too easy and too short.  At the end I was told I had earned the ability to play through the game as a human but when I hit start to continue the game started again with me as a monkey.


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