Classic Concentration


Genre: Game Show

Publisher: Gametek

Total time played: 1 hour

Short review: Based on the classic TV show Classic Concentration.  The game is somewhat fun but moves very slow.

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I somehow overlooked Classic Concentration when going through my game show NES game phase last summer.  But, I pulled it out today knowing it would be a piece of cake.  But, as it turns out that wasn’t exactly true.

I had to play through 5 times to actually beat the game against my opponent, Lynn.  In order to beat the game I had to win the best 2 out of 3 puzzles and then play a matching game to win a car.

Lynn won several puzzles before I could even guess.  Sometimes all that would be revealed would be a + sign and she would guess the puzzle as “Indian War Paint”.  Once, the entire board was uncovered and neither me or the computer character knew what the puzzle was.  Some of the puzzles were things I had never heard of before so there was no way for me to guess.

One of the clues that kept showing up looked like an ice pick but I learned after losing a round that it was an awl.  So, luckily every time that showed up from that point on I knew what it was.

But, eventually I was able to win by guessing the following:

Microphone + Awl -- Jack of spades + Sun

It’s Michael Jackson.

My biggest complaint about the game is that it moves slow.  The intro screen shows a man playing the piano and you cannot bypass it so I was forced to watch maybe 20 seconds of him playing the theme song before I could hit start.  After you match an item on the board the game then shows an 8 second clip of your character cheering and saying “Yee Haw” before going back to the game board.  Each game featured 25 pieces or 12 matching pairs and a free space x 2 rounds for a total of 3.2 minutes out of maybe a 10 minute game being pointless.

If the game had been faster paced and had a larger selection of puzzles I may have liked it more.  I had to play the same puzzle twice two separate times out of the 15 or so total puzzles I played.  The game may be slightly more fun with two players but your time could be better spent playing a better game.


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