Sesame Street Countdown


Genre: Educational/Children

Publisher: Hi-Tech Expression

Total time played: 15 Minutes

Short review:  A Sesame Street game that actually plays like a video game.  Although it is short and simple it is actually playable.

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A Sesame Street game that is actually playable, not good, but playable.

For some reason when you start the game you can choose to have The Count either “Hop” or “Run”.  I chose hop.  When you move the Count from left to right he hops to each item one by one, I can only assume if you choose run he runs between items.  Your job is to collect the items that contain the same number of objects as the randomly selected number you are given at the beginning of each stage.

I started off having to collect items containing the number 3.  Sometimes this was just a number 3, sometimes it was 3 apples or 3 snakes…just kidding, I couldn’t tell what any of  the items were but luckily I was able to count how many of each there were.

Once you reach the end of the stage The Count will count how many of the correct number items you collected.  As you get farther in the game you have to collect more of each item throughout the stage.  This was never even slightly difficult and eventually The Count ended up back in a castle and announced the names of the numbers you collected throughout the game as they fly across the sky.

There isn’t much to it but it may actually hold the attention of a small child long enough to complete the game.


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