Sesame Street ABC


Genre: Educational/Children

Publisher: Hi-Tech Expression

Total time played: 5 Minutes

Short review:  A very short and unnecessary game trying to capitalize on the Sesame Street license.

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I figured since these Sesame Street games are so short I might as well knock out a second one tonight.  Thankfully this game is so short it was hard to get bored because it was over almost immediately.  When I hit power button on the NES I told my wife to not get ready for bed until I beat the game.  She begrudgingly agreed and about 3 minutes later she was laughing hysterically at how stupid and short the game was.

Once again the game is broken into two separate games, or as the box says “2 great games in one”.  Again, I am not in the 3-6 recommended age range for this game but I would find it hard to believe that even a 3-6 year old could find anything enjoyable about either of these games.

Letter Go Round

In this game you select one of several mini-games including “upper case matching” “lower case matching” and “mixed case matching”.  From my experience with Sesame Street 123 I learned that the bottom choice of the mini-game menu is the hardest.  That mini game was called “Spell the Secret Word”

The game starts at a fair with a tent, a strong man hammer game and a ferris wheel featuring 6 letters.  The ferris wheel spins and whatever letter is at the bottom of the ferris wheel when you press the A button hops off and either tries to ring the strong man bell (meaning you selected the correct letter) or hops back on the ferris wheel (meaning you selected the wrong letter).  Since I was guessing the secret word I had no idea which letter would be correct.  I did see a not so subliminal message in the letters that spelled “SEX”, see the photo at the bottom of the post.

Once I selected the correct first letter “P” a sesame street character replaced that letter on the ferris wheel.  It happened so fast I can’t remember if it was Burt or the Cookie Monster the replaced the letter.  After about 15 more seconds I discovered the secret word was “PAW”.  When I correctly selected the last letter the W jumped off the ferris wheel and rang the bell on the strong man hammer game and then Cookie Monster and Burt danced on screen while a couple of fireworks shot off.

My friend Taylor owned this game when we were kids and I remember the ferris wheel portion of the game for some reason.  I guess even this short crappy game provides some nostalgic memories for me.

Ernie’s Big Splash

The second game involves Ernie in a bath tub and your job is to place blocks between your rubber ducky and the bathtub so Ernie can play with the duck in the tub.  This one is hard to explain but only took about 15 seconds to complete.  Ernie throws the duck around splashing happily…the end.

This is one of the shortest games I have ever played, shorter than Where’s Waldo and almost as stupid as Taboo or Color A Dinosaur.  There is hardly any content at all.  If I had gone through every single mini-game I would have still spent less than 15 minutes playing the game.  This was clearly just a cheap way to make some quick money off of the Sesame Street franchise.  But, someone must have bought the games as they kept making them.


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