Sesame Street ABC & 123


Genre: Educational/Children

Publisher: Hi-Tech Expression

Total time played: 5 Minutes

Short review:  Sesame Street ABC and Sesame Street 123 are 2 very short games with almost no content.  This game is both of those games in one.

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Wow! Four games in one!  Unfortunately those four games are exactly the same as the 2 games on Sesame Street ABC and the 2 games on Sesame Street 123.

When I was complaining that Hi-Tech Expressions was just trying to make a quick buck by using the Sesame Street license I had no idea that the next game I would play would offer absolutely no new content.  The fact that all of the games fit onto this one cart makes me even madder.  There honestly was no reason to have separate carts for the ABC and 123 portions of this game.

This is a very sad attempt at a game. I am giving this game lower score than the other games in the Sesame Street series based on the fact that there is no new content, just a money grab.


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