Big Bird’s Hide and Speak


Genre: Educational/Children

Publisher: Hi-Tech Expression

Total time played: 10 Minutes

Short review:  A shallow educational game that would bore the youngest of child almost instantly.

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The gimmick for this game is that it is the first NES game with speech.  And, honestly the speech isn’t that bad, I could understand everything Big Bird was saying.  But, the game is still awful.

There are 6 mini games to choose from.  The first one that I tried involved 4 Sesame Street characters entering a house and then each stood in a window.  Big Bird would then announce a character name and your job was to find that character in window.  Once you find all four characters Ernie leaves the house, walks next door and jumps rope and then re-enters the house and Big Bird asks you to play again.

I chose a second mini-game.  This one was exactly the same except each of the characters in the window had a letter and my job was to spell as many three letter words as I could before the sun went down.  This would have been super easy if the cursor to select the characters wasn’t painfully slow and could move in more directions than clockwise.  It sometimes took 30 seconds to spell each word.  I somehow managed to make it until the sun went down and was treated Elmo blowing a bubble and floating around the screen and then heard Big Bird say “Let’s play again”.  I did not choose to play again.


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