Sesame Street 123


Genre: Educational/Children

Publisher: Hi-Tech Expression

Total time played: 10 Minutes

Short review:  A shallow educational game that would bore the youngest of child almost instantly.

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I have been slacking off playing NES lately as I have gotten into a couple of SNES games and have been on a Guitar Hero kick lately.  But, the end of the year is fast approaching and I wanted to knock out a few more games so I decided I would start knocking off the Sesame Street games.  Hopefully this won’t take too long.

This game is broken into 2 games that I will review separately:

Ernie’s Magic Shapes

Choose between easy, easy, easy, easy, easy or easy and help Ernie match either a shape or a color.  Of course I am almost 30 years older than the demographic for this game so obviously even the hardest difficulty level will pose no challenge (thankfully I am not colorblind).

A shape appears at the top of the screen and your job is to scroll through  several shapes to match the shape you see at the top.  On the harder levels you will have to piece together a tangram type shape from smaller shapes, for example, you may need to make match two cherries and stems by choosing 2 red circles and 2 green lines.  But, once you match the shape nothing happens, a rabbit briefly pops from the hat to smile at you and then a new shape appears, you never really beat the game.  After matching around 5 shapes you go back to the main menu with no end screen.

Astro Grover

The second game is about numbers.  There are several different games to try but they are all pretty much the same.  The first game I tried involved a space ship that would fly around for 5 or more seconds before expelling some aliens.  Your job, count the aliens and choose the number that matches at the bottom of the screen.  I found that as I scrolled through the numbers sometimes when I tapped the left button the cursor moved right and sometimes it moved left.  I don’t know if this was a programming oversight or a way to make the game slightly harder.

After you correctly guess the number of aliens part of the picture at the bottom of the screen becomes visible.  Spoiler alert: once you correctly complete about 6 rounds the photo at the bottom is revealed…it is a street, possibly Sesame Street.  As an added bonus Astro Grover flies by smiling to congratulate you.

The other game involves Grover taking control of what appears to be a satellite dish that will highlight a specific number of aliens.  If the highlighted number matches the number on the space ship on the right of the screen you tap either A or B and that number of Aliens is sucked into the satellite.  After all the aliens are gone you win.

There isn’t much to this game.  It is short and easy, even for children.  It also moves painfully slow which will bore anyone almost instantly.  But, the graphics and sound aren’t bad and the characters (all two of them) from Sesame Street look great.  Honestly though, there is no reason to ever play this game.



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