Dynowarz: The Destruction of Spondylus


Genre: Action

Publisher: Bandai

Total time played: 2 Hours

Short review:  A crappy 7 level action platformer with very little variety in gameplay.

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I felt like I was playing a dinosaur themed version of Groundhog Day while playing Dynowarz.  There were seven levels in the game and they all followed the exact same pattern with the same enemies and the same bosses, the only difference in each level being the length.

The beginning of each level let you control a dinosaur mech (sounds cooler than it is) through a stage of crappy dinosaur enemies and a boss (at least 4 of the bosses were the same pterodactyl, not much variety.)  Sometimes on these stages enemies would drop a powerup after they were defeated.  There were a few different powerups including laser shot, bombs, fireballs and throw fists.  If you collected 2 or 3 of the same powerup it became stronger but if you collected a different power up you lost the upgrade of your current weapon and went back to the weak entry level weapon.  The problem was that all the powerups looked almost identical so I was constantly losing my upgrade progress when I would pick up the wrong item.  The good thing was that the game was very liberal with your life bar making it near impossible to die on these stages.



   Here are the hard to tell apart power ups.



After defeating the boss (again, usually a pterodactyl) you would enter a cave and see this goofy dinosaur smile cutscene

  In the second part of each stage you play as a little blue man who jumps as high as Luigi from Mario 2 and floats like the Princess from Mario 2.  The jumping mechanics took a while to get the hang of and I found myself falling into a lot of holes while playing as the man.  Playing as the man you pass through a few rooms full of moving platforms and floating seahorses that shoot pellets at you.  Again, due to the liberal life bar I almost never died by running out of health but died 30 or more times falling into the holes while missing the platfroms.  The hit detection is pretty bad causing me to more than once yell at the TV “I LANDED ON THAT!!” as I fell into a hole. Once you reached the end of the level you fought a mother brain clone from Metroid, seriously all 7 levels have the exact same boss.  The first boss of the game and the last boss of the game are identical, the only difference being the layout of the room:


End of each of the 7 man controlled levels


 Mother Brain from Metroid

Once you beat the mother brain you then have to back track through the level to get back into your dinosaur mech and travel to the next level.


Static cut scene after each man controlled level.

I made it through the first 6 levels in probably 30 minutes and then got to the final man controlled stage of the game and died 50 or more times.  The level was no harder than any other level in the game but was longer meaning there were more holes for me to accidentally fall into.  Finally after 3 nights of trying I was able to get through the stage and kill the final mother brain…I then died trekking back to my dinosaur mech.  Eventually I was able to beat the game and see the ending where I was informed that I had just finished another great Bandai game (which was a lie.)

If the game hadn’t been so easy up until the last stage I would have given up and played a different game.  It was just the fact that I knew I was 5 minutes from the end that made me keep playing for another 2 hours.


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