Taboo: The Sixth Sense


Genre: Miscellaneous

Publisher: Rare

Total time played: 5 minutes

Short review: This isn’t a game it is an overly complicated tarot card.  The least enjoyable experience on the entire NES.

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Underwhelmed is too strong a word to describe this “game”.  You start by entering your name and birthdate and then ask the game a question.  Once you input your question you are hypnotized with a screen of shuffling cards that could easily cause an epileptic seizure.  After the cards are shuffled you sit and watch as cards are dealt that give an impossible to understand answer to your question that means nothing.

I asked the question “Should I sell my soul to achieve greatness?” and the game formatted it like this:

“Should i sell m

y soul to achei

e greatness?”

Not that I expected the game to actually answer the question I typed in but it didn’t even try to fake it by formatting the question into a readable format.  If the first two NES games I played were Taboo: The Sixth Sense and Color a Dinosaur I would have never given another game a chance.

I dare you to try to enjoy this game.



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