Rockin’ Kats


Genre: Platform

Publisher: Atlus

Total time played: 3 hours over 2 days

Short review: A great platformer that takes the best of games in the genre and combines them into a classic game that not many people have played.

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I rented this game when I was a kid and loved it.  It was a game I had never heard of and rented it just because I loved cats and there was a cool looking cat on the cover of the game.  I eventually picked up a complete in box copy in mint condition but ended up selling off the box and manual a few years back.  I regret selling because this is one of the classics on the system and my collection doesn’t feel complete without the box and manual.

Rockin’ Kats, like Mega Man, allows you to choose the order you play the levels.  The kat you play as uses a boxing glove on an extendable arm as a weapon but the weapon also doubles as a grappling hook similar to the weapon in Bionic Commando.  Rockin’ Kats uses momentum and physics more realistically than any game on the NES.  There is also a store that allows you to buy upgrades for your character.  This is one of the most complete platform games on the NES.

While hanging out at a friends house on game night with a few guys I decided I was going to beat Rockin’ Kats after failing to beat Punch Out and Double Dragon.  I played for 2 hours and was able to get to the area before the final boss but no matter how many times I played the level I could not get to the final boss.  Eventually I had to give up as I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Two days later I tried again in the comfort of my living room.  I was able to plow through the game as it was fresh in my mind.  Once I got to the final level I was able to get to the final boss in just a few tries.  The final boss was a dog (obviously).  It only took me two tries and I was able to beat the the bulldog.

This is one of the games that slipped through the cracks and wasn’t played by enough people. I highly recommend checking it out.



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