Nintendo World Championship


Genre: Tournament

Publisher: Nintendo

Total time played: 2 hours

Short review: Play 3 classic games in under 7 minutes and try to get the highest score possible.

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The Nintendo World Championship is the most expensive game on this system and has a long and storied history.  The gray copy of the game was given to contestants of the Nintendo World Championship in 1990 and the gold copy was a give away from Nintendo Power magainze.  Luckily Retrozone released a reproduction cart that allowed me and my friends to hold our own version of the NWC.

The game consists of a 6 minute and 21 second competition featuring 3 NES classics.  The game starts as super mario bros and after you get 50 coins you complete one race in rad racer followed by Tetris until time runs out.  The goal is to get the highest score possible.  There are people who are able to get over 4,000,000 points.  In the tournament of 16 people I got the high score of the night at 736,700 but lost out in the championship round to my friend Landon.

The secret to the game is to get through Mario and Rad Racer as fast as possible and then get as many 4 line Tetris’ in Tetris as possible.  Landon was much better at Tetris than me so ended up winning the championship.

Although this isn’t a game you can truly beat it is definitely a fun way to prove who the best gamer amongst friends is (note, it wasn’t me).



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