Genre: Light Gun

Publisher: American Game Cartridges

Total time played: 25 minutes

Short review: The darkest and goriest game on the NES fails at every turn.  The game suffers from horrible light gun hit detection that renders it almost unplayable.  As a fan of horror I really wanted to like this game but it was impossible to like.

Interesting links related to Chiller

My mom surprised me on Christmas 2013 with a complete in box copy of Chiller, a game I had heard about but never seen in person.  I decided to wait until Easter to play the game with my brother Luke for our second annual “Easter beat an NES game hangout”.  Last year was Contra, this year, Chiller.

The game sounds amazing and macabre when you learn there is a torture chamber, a man is fed to a sewer alligator, you crush someones head in a vice and you have to shoot zombies as they try to come up out of a grave.  Unfortunately, the game is awful and all of these things can’t save it.

The game features 4 levels, each composed of a single screen.  The goal is to shoot everything on screen and collect the hidden talismans on each level.  The screen flashes every time you pull the trigger of the light gun and a small colored square appears on the screen for each item you can shoot.  Luke and I cheated and just looked for the lighted squares and shot them at point blank range.  Even holding the gun inches from the TV things were hard to hit.

At the beginning of each level a message written in what looks like Wing Dings appears, as you shoot the talismans the wing dings become letters.  The final message reads “you have found every talisman”.  Yes, the secret message revealed for collecting all the talismans just tells you that you have collected all the talismans.  If you do not collect them all after playing each level the levels repeat and you are given less time to complete.  Luke and I played through every level 3 times and finally got every talisman and were taken to a bonus stage.  After the bonus stage the game starts over but you keep your score.

We did not snap a picture the first time through because we didn’t have the camera ready so we were forced to play through the game again.  For some reason in level 2 there was one talisman we could not shoot which is why in the photo below you see a wing ding next to the word “found” in the second line.

Luke forgot to focus the camera before taking my picture as seen below but we couldn’t stomach the thought of playing through the game again so the picture stayed.



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