The Little Mermaid


Genre: Platform

Publisher: Capcom

Total time played: 30 minutes

Short review: An easy platform game based on the hit Disney movie of the same name.  The game offers some RPG elements by allow weapon upgrades although I didn’t realize this until the final stage so none of the upgrades are needed to complete the game.

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I somehow grew up in the 1990s and have never seen the movie The Little Mermaid.  This is probably the reason I never played the game until now.  I decided to play the game after reading a list of the shortest and easiest NES games online. The game was both short and easy.  I beat it in my first sitting in about 30 minutes.  The Little Mermaid wasn’t fun on the same level as some of the other Capcom NES games but it was a decent platformer.  I did not realize that collecting the items in the treasure chests in each level allowed Ariel to upgrade her weapons until I was on the final stage.  The game would have been much easier had I been utilizing this upgrade system. There isn’t a lot of depth to this game but if I were in the demographic the game was aimed at I would probably claim it as one of my favorites.  The ending was full of colorful screenshots and had more of a story than most other NES games of this era.  I can only assume the game follows the movie’s story.  


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