Genre: Board Game

Publisher: Nintendo

Total time played: 45 minutes

Short review: Pictionary without any of the drawing.  This game could possibly be somewhat amusing with a group of people but it no fun at all playing one player.  

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I am certain that there was a way to choose a different icon for my character but I couldn’t figure it out so I played the entire game as a pair of high heeled shoes.  The game plays like Pictionary (but you never draw, only guess) mixed with Trivial Pursuit.  Like the other game show/board game games I decided to play on the most difficult setting.  It wasn’t long before I realized this game is impossible on the hardest setting.

The game draws a picture one line at a time and you buzz in when you know what is being drawn.  On the hardest difficulty setting there would be one or two lines of a space ship or a banana drawn and the computer would buzz in and answer.  There is absolutely no way a human player could win on this setting.  I ended up playing on medium difficulty and was able to win.  Just like Trivial Pursuit you must guess a picture in several categories that are represented by colors.  Once you answer a question you earn that color  and once you have all the colors the game ends…or so I thought.  Once you get all the colors your piece moves to a 2nd game board where you do it all again.  After you complete the 2nd game board you move to a 3rd board.  Thankfully that is where the game ends.

I can assure you that you will not have as much fun playing Anticipation as any of the people featured on the box art for the game.




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