Wheel of Fortune Jr. Edition


Genre: Game Show

Publisher: Gametek

Total time played: 1.5 hours

Short review: The Junior edition is somehow the hardest of the Wheel of Fortune games.  If you don’t keep control of the board the game becomes a crappy version of Wheel of Fortune that you just watch.

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Wheel of Fortune on the NES is not a fun game.  The regular, Family and Junior editions are the exact same game with different puzzles.  I expected the junior edition to be really easy but it was the hardest of the bunch for me.  I played 5-7 games before finally winning.  The issue with the game is that if you lose control of the wheel, which you are sure to do because you will land on bankrupt and lose a turn constantly, you just have to sit and wait for sometimes 5 minutes or more until it is your turn again.

There were several times that I could have answered a puzzle correctly if it were only my turn.  I realize that is part of the game but unlike Jeopardy! a lot of the time  when I lost control of the wheel it wasn’t due to something I did wrong, just bad luck.  I cannot recommend playing any of the Wheel of Fortune games on the NES.  If you do choose to play be prepared to watch 80% of the game without doing anything.


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