Super Jeopardy!


Genre: Game Show

Publisher: Gametek

Total time played: 45 minutes

Short review: The first Jeopardy! game on the NES that differed from the Jeopardy! gameshow.  The changes gave the game more of a cartoon feel and allow it to move at a faster pace.

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This is the best Jeopardy! game on the NES.  The game features goofy characters with funny animations when a question is answered correctly or incorrectly.  The dollar amounts in the game are much higher than every other Jeopardy! game on the NES although over 20 years later the dollar amounts are pretty close to the amounts in the gameshow.

I used to play this game with my family in the early 1990’s and we had fun with it.  When Mike, Jason and myself decided to play it in 2014 we had a harder time.  The categories were very dated making some of the questions hard to answer.  Even though the game is the fastest paced Jeopardy! game on the NES by today’s standards it moves at a snails pace.  Some of the answers we knew but spelled incorrectly or couldn’t spell out the answer before time ran out. We were able to beat the game on our first sitting, it just wasn’t a runaway victory like we expected.



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