Remote Control


Genre: Game Show

Publisher: Hi-Tech Expressions

Total time played: 25 minutes

Short review: If you were a fan of the MTV game show you are sure to have fun with this game.  It is very short, which is a good thing because it is over before you can get bored.

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The visuals in this game are very busy.  If you are familiar with the MTV show the visuals will look right at home, if you aren’t familiar with the MTV show you will think the game’s visuals are busy and distracting.

The game is very short and there isn’t a lot of replay value but I enjoyed the interesting way the questions were asked.  The game is very easy; I was able to win while only allowing the computer players to answer a couple of questions.  I even did well at the Leave It To Beaver category which is a show I have never watched.

If the game was any longer it would have gotten a lower review score.  Unfortunately the game has no real ending just showing the logo of the game.



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