Color A Dinosaur


Genre: Children / Educational

Publisher: Virgin Interactive

Total time played: 5 minutes

Short review: One of the worst games on the NES.  You can see everything the game has to offer in 5 minutes or less.  The front of the box says “This kind of fun won’t go extinct” and that is a bold faced lie.

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I accidentally bought Color A Dinosaur while bidding on eBay.  I overpaid (paying what it cost new 20 years ago).  I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised as you do exactly what the title suggests.  There are 16 dinosaurs to choose from but not one Triceratops.  The game features 4 colors and 4 patterns and you use the equivalent of the paint bucket in Microsoft paint and fill in each part of the dinosaur.  There is no free color that I could find which means you always color within the lines.

The color palette can be changed but if you change the palette it changes all the colors you already colored.  I can’t imagine even a kid aged 3-6 would find this game enjoyable.  A real coloring book is much more fun and satisfying than this game.  I would venture to say that not one person in history has found any inkling of pleasure while playing it.



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