World Class Track Meet


Genre: Sports / Powerpad

Publisher: Bandai

Total time played: 15 minutes

Short review: A short game that actually involves getting off the couch and working out.  The game is very straight forward and is a game kids are known for finding ways to cheat (using hands to beat the powerpad instead of actually running.).  It isn’t really that fun but is just more of a way to show off what the power pad can do.

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I received the power pad along with the Nintendo I got for Christmas of 1988.  My brother and I used to play World Class Track Meet over and over.  We were both able to beat the tournament where you race 6 men (Turtle, Rabbit, Bear, Horse, Bobcat and Cheetah) in 100m dash and 110m hurdles.  We also would play tournaments and with the other events such as long jump.  The easy cheat for long jump was to jump off the pad and then back on after a few seconds but we just jumped straight up and grabbed a pull up bar above the power pad.

As an adult a few things are different about playing World Class Track Meet:

1) it is near impossible to play 2 players at the same time because the power pad isn’t big enough.

2) I tried playing in my living room but as soon as I began running the walls started shaking, the cats ran, a glass fell over on the coffee table and the NES froze.  I ended up having to play in the basement where the floor is made of concrete.

3) I am out of shape, by the time the 12 races were over I was about to pass out, it probably didn’t help I was in a heavy onesie.

4) you have to learn to run by barely lifting your feet off the ground, if you run normally you will not win.  The game is more about rhythm than actually running.  This may also be due to the fact I am playing on a 25 year old power pad; maybe it worked better when it was new.

After winning each race you win a medal or a trophy.  Each race is a two man race but if you win the first race you get a Bronze Medal.  This makes no sense to me, with only 2 runners there should be no bronze at all.  After the second race you get a silver medal, and the third race you get a gold medal.  The last 3 races you earn bronze, silver and then finally a gold trophy.  Seems to me like if you win every race you should get 6 gold medals/trophies.


* On January 31th, 2015 I beat the game again to help the community try to beat every NES game in the calendar year. As of January 31st 500 games have been beaten.





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