Super Mario Bros.


Genre: Platform

Publisher: Nintendo

Total time played: 15 minutes

Short review: Nintendo got it perfect right out of the gate.  I haven’t met a person yet who did not at some point in their life play and enjoy Super Mario Bros.  The controls are perfect, the difficulty is perfect, the music is some of the best in video game history and it propelled Mario to be the most iconic character in history, even more recognizable than Mickey Mouse.

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I still remember playing this game for the very first time when my cousin Jamie got an NES for Christmas.  I wanted to badly to play Duck Hunt but he insisted I play Mario instead.  From the second I began playing I was enthralled and become obsessed with the game and the system.  At the time I thought it was called “Intendo” and not “Nintendo”.

Jamie and his sister Sarah spent the night one night and brought the NES with them.  Me and my parents and brother watched in awe as Jamie jumped and got 5,000 points for hitting the top of the flagpole after beating a level.

Now, a confession.  As much as I loved Mario I had never beaten the original game.  I had gotten to the final level but couldn’t make it through the maze of a castle.  I never really took the time to learn the path and just gave up. When I started dating my wife she borrowed an NES from me with her 2 favorite games, Super Mario Bros. and Adventure Island.  A few days later she sends me this link of her beating Super Mario Bros. in one life in under 8 1/2 minutes.  I watched the video and knew this was the girl I was going to marry (I already knew that but since this is an NES blog I had to make it sound like this was the tipping point).

On New Years Eve 2013 after beating both Bubble Bobble and World Class Track Meet and watching my wife beat Super Mario Bros. I knew I could do it.  After just a few minutes of playing I was finally able to say that I had beaten the classic Super Mario Bros.




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