Super C


Genre: Action

Publisher: Konami

Total time played: 10 hours over 2 months

Short review: Super C is exactly what a sequel should be.  It takes everything from the original that was great and doesn’t change a thing.  The only differences are the level designs and the bosses.  For some reason even though the game is so similar it doesn’t feel like a complete rehash or ripoff of the original.

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My cousin Chris and I discovered the 10 man code in Super C when we were kids.  We were able to use this code to beat Super C with ease.  As an adult I was determined to do something that I had never done, beat Super C with no extra man code.

I was inspired after having a game night and playing 2 player with my friend Todd who knows this game inside and out.  We got to level 6 when my friend Jason accidentally bumped into the NES and it froze.  Todd and I lost our groove and were unable to beat the game after restarting.  A couple of weeks later Todd came up again and beat the game with ease.  After seeing someone else beat the game without using the 10 man code I decided I could do it myself.

I played the game once or twice per day after work and each time would get a little further.  Eventually after a couple of months of practice I was able to beat the game without the code and without continuing.  It is one of my proudest moments as a gamer.  Eventually I will try to do the same thing with the original Contra.

Super C is an NES classic and would be the best bullet hell shooter on the NES if it weren’t for the original Contra.


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