Mega Man 5


Genre: Platform

Developer: Capcom

Total time played: 2.5 hours

Short review: Mega Man 5 just like part 4 adds nothing new to the series.  In a similar fashion to the Madden games or Call of Duty games the developer keeps releasing the same game over and over with minimal updates.  Again, the game isn’t bad it just feels like the 5th version of the exact same game.

Interesting links related to Mega Man 5

My friend Jason, who like me is on a quest to beat all the games from his childhood and games he was never able to beat came over to hang out.  Jason is an artist who uses bleach to make shirts and he wanted to watch me beat a game while he worked on a Toxic Avenger shirt for me.  Since I had recently beaten Mega Man 3 and 4 I decided the logical game to play was Mega Man 5.

Before he had finished the shirt I had beaten the game.  By this point all the games start running together and I can’t remember which robot masters are in which game.  Just like Mega Man 4, if this was the first game in the series it would be a masterpiece but since it is the 5th game in the series it is just ok.


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