Mega Man 4


Genre: Platform

Developer: Capcom

Total time played: 3 hours over a weekend

Short review: After hitting homeruns with Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3 I was pumped for the 4th installment.  Unfortunately it doesn’t bring anything new to the table and falls short of the greatness of the previous 2 games.  Mega Man doesn’t regain its dominance in the platform genre until Mega Man X on SNES.

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I purchased this game (along with Dig Dug 2) from a local video store that was moving away from NES games in 1998.  I paid $3.99 cents for the game complete in the box.  The box and manual were sold long ago, something I still regret to this day.  I immediately went home expecting to be blown away by awesomeness, I wasn’t.  The game was really hard, I had a difficult time finding the right order to fight the robot masters but after several days of trial and error figured it out.  I made it through Dr. Wily’s castle and got to Dr. Wily and there I stayed, for years.  I was never able to defeat him.

After beating Mega Man 1-3 the completionist in me had to beat part 4-6 as well.  This time I fell in the groove and was able to knock the game out in just 2-3 sittings over a couple of days.  Nothing in Mega Man 4 sets it apart from the other Mega Man games but it is still a decent game.  If Mega Man 1-3 didn’t exist this would be one of the best platformers on the system but it just couldn’t live up to the greatness of the earlier games in the series.


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