Panic Restaurant


Genre: Platform

Publisher: Taito

Total time played: 2 hours

Short review: A platformer full of amusing characters and simple gameplay based around the different courses of a meal.  The game is full of style but nothing about the gameplay makes it stand apart from other NES platformers.

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Panic Restaurant is a game I never thought I would own due to its rarity and inflated price.  I was lucky enough to run across the game right as I changed jobs and was able to cash in some vacation time to buy it.  The game is better than I expected but it isn’t a classic.

I did not beat the game on my first sitting but I did beat it on my second sitting.  I took a day off work after leaving my old job and before starting my new job;  it was a dreary day so I played Panic Restaurant and beat it. There are 6 levels each based around a different meal course starting with appetizer and ending with dessert. Your character is a chef and the bosses are all food; a hamburger, chickens in an oven, a pan of popcorn, an ice cream cone, etc…

This game seems to be aimed more at kids than adults and fits into the same style and difficulty level as Rockin’ Kats, Felix the Cat, Tiny Toons and Yo Noid.  


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