Adventures In The Magic Kingdom


Genre: Platform

Developer: Capcom

Total time played: 2 hours

Short review: Adventures in the Magic Kingdom use several styles of gameplay throughout including trivia, car racing and platforming.  The game is aimed at children but it isn’t a walk in the park. It may be short but it is also hard.

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My friend Michael owned this game when we were about 7 years old and we spent many weekends playing it over and over.  I had never been Disney World (still haven’t as of 2014) so this game was a virtual representation of what the park was like.

You control a small boy in a small representation of Disney World whose job is to collect keys by successfully riding all the most popular rides to open the castle in the center of the park.  Their is only one person in the entire park and when you talk to him he asks a Disney trivia question.  If you answer correctly he directs you to a different part of the park to answer another trivia question.  After answering several questions you earn your first key.  To my knowledge this was the only key I ever got while playing with Michael as a kid.

Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain are a few of the rides you must ride to beat the game.  Each level has a different style of gameplay.  Space Mountain is an early guitar hero style type game where you must hit the buttons in the correct order you see on screen, Autopia is a race car game similar in style to the NES game Bump N’ Jump, and the Haunted Mansion is a platformer.  None of the levels are very easy and I probably had to do each level 5-10 times to beat it.  For me, The Pirates of the Caribbean was the hardest level taking me probably 45 minutes to beat.

Capcom is one of the best developers on the NES and every one of their games is worth playing.  Adventures In The Magic Kingdom is not Capcom’s strongest game on the system but it is still worth playing.


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