Mega Man 3


Genre: Platform

Developer: Capcom

Total time played: 2.5 hours

Short review: My favorite Mega Man game as a kid (Mega Man 2 is now my favorite).  The game is longer than the first 2 games in the series and has some memorable robot bosses.  One of the best platformers on the system and also has a great soundtrack.

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When I opened the mailbox and saw the new issue of Nintendo Power advertising the up and coming Mega Man 3 game I was pumped.  I had loved the first two games so much and knew this was a game I wanted to own forever.  I convinced my brother to help me look for loose change around the house and in the couch cushions (Uncle Scrooge found millions in his couch in the Duck Tales cartoon) so we could buy the game.  Needless to say that we didn’t find enough to buy the game.

I ended up renting the game several times and eventually beating it. I believe I beat this game before I beat Mega Man or Mega Man 2.  I did eventually receive the game for Christmas and didn’t even need to use the .85 cents I found in the couch.  I took the game to my friend Nathan’s house and we discovered that by holding the right button on the second controller it allows Mega Man to fall into pits and not die.  We played though the game this way over and over.

In 2007 I went into Gamestop and picked up the Gamecube Mega Man collection for me and my brother to play on Christmas eve.  Our goal was to stay up all night and beat all 6 NES Mega Man games and wait for Santa Claus to show up.  We plowed through part 1 and 2 and then got hung up on part 3 during the Dr. Wily stages.  Apparently I had become rusty since it had been so long since I last played the game.

It wasn’t until 2011 that I beat Mega Man 3 since the first time as a kid.  The photo I took was lost when my laptop was stolen and I was forced to play it again, which I didn’t mind.


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