World Champ


Genre: Fighting

Publisher: Romstar

Total time played: 4 hours over a weekend

Short review: A more in depth boxing game than Mike Tyson’s Punch Out but also a much easier game.  In World Champ you earn experience points and strength by winning fights and have the ability to walk around the ring while fighting.  You can leave your brain at the door while playing World Champ as it is just simple button masher.

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Choose a boxer, name him, build up his statistics by training between fights and take over the boxing world.  The game on the surface seems like the best of both the boxing and RPG worlds but falls a little short.  I was really into this game when I first played it but the longer I played the more I was ready for it to end.  After about 10 minutes I started to get bored but couldn’t turn it off because I kept winning.  The programmer of this game found the perfect balance of gameplay and rewards.  I almost felt addicted to this game until I beat it.  I found myself saying “just one more fight” and after that fight I would be close to some training goal and would play until I reached that goal and then would play the next fight to see my new skill.  This continued until I beat the entire game.

One of my biggest issues is that when I would turn off the game and come back later with a password my win/loss record was reset.

It is one of the better boxing games on the NES but that is only because there aren’t many boxing games on the NES.  No matter how good it is the game doesn’t hold a candle to the best boxing game of all time, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.


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