Final Fantasy


Genre: RPG

Developer: Nintendo

Total time played: 25 Hours over 8 weeks

Short review: Final Fantasy launched the beginning of the RPG craze in America that has never subsided.  The game offers extreme character customization options that completely change the style of game play needed to succeed.  Although the story of the game is fairly linear the game feels very immersive and gives you the illusion to create your own path.

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I spent a lot more time playing the Dragon Warrior series as a kid than Final Fantasy.  It wasn’t until I received Final Fantasy VII for Christmas that I got interested in playing the first game in the series.  Final Fantasy VII is one of the best gaming experiences in my life and I was mad at myself for not giving the series a chance earlier in my life.  My brother on the other hand lived and breathed this game as a kid.

I have the Final Fantasy NES strategy guide which I used quite a bit while playing the game.  I wanted to play  as I would have in the early 1990’s which meant no internet.  I did utilize my brothers encyclopedic knowledge of the game though.  He remembered all the towns, which weapons worked best and even how much the weapons cost in each town.  Between the strategy guide and my brother’s help I didn’t have any trouble playing through this game.

I chose to play with the following party: Warrior, Red Mage, White Mage, Black Mage.  Each of the characters have their own strengths and weaknesses and I feel as if this is the most “classic” party to play with.  I have watched people play through the game with 4 white mages, they have no attack power but are very strong with healing spells.  Trust me, this would be a hard way to play the game.

Being so familiar with Dragon Warrior I found this game to be easier to play and faster paced even though compared to today’s RPGs the original Final Fantasy is pretty slow.  The one downfall of this game (and RPGs in general) is how much time you must spend fighting the same enemies over and over until you are strong enough to venture further into the game world.  Some people find the “grinding” part the best part of RPG games but I am not that guy. I get very excited when I hear the “level up” music I feel that half of the game should not be spent building up your characters.

Like Zelda this game has a very large open world, but unlike Zelda there is no in game map.  If you want to get to a certain place on the map you better remember how to get there.  Luckily, the strategy guide I used had a large map so I never felt lost.  If you are a fan of RPG games this is a must play game.  It is one of the deepest games on the system giving hundreds of different ways to play.  No two people will play the same way.


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