Duck Tales 2


Genre: Platform

Developer: Capcom

Total time played: 1.5 Hours

Short review: The game took everything that made the first game great and repeated it.  There are only 1 or 2 additional game mechanics added to this game from the original.  It isn’t a bad game at all but just isn’t different enough from the original to hold its own.

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For years this is the game that was at the top of my “most wanted” list.  It was released late in the NES’s life and sold poorly as so many people had moved on to the SNES.  I never played it as a kid and it wasn’t until the early 2000’s that I even knew it existed.  Every game store, flea market and yard sale I went to I looked for Duck Tales 2 and never found it.  Around 2011 I was visiting a local thrift store and saw Duck Tales 2 in the display case at the front of the store, it was listed at $75.00.  Even though it was my most wanted game I couldn’t justify that price.  I didn’t run across it again until late 2013 when my friend Mike picked up a copy at a local game store.  We had suspected the store kept multiple copies of each game in the back and just displayed one copy at a time.  The day after he bought the game I went to the store to test our theory and sure enough Duck Tales 2 was back on the shelf.  I ended up talking the clerk down to a reasonable price paying a little more than $75.00 for the game but not nearly the advertised price of $130.00.

As soon as I got home I popped the game in expecting to be blown away.  I enjoyed it but didn’t completely love it.  It felt like a knock off of the first game since it was so similar.  Since the first Duck Tales is a game I have beaten 20+ times I had no trouble plowing through it the first time I played it.  After beating the game I found out there were multiple endings based on the amount of money Uncle Scrooge collects throughout but I have yet to play through again to try for a different ending.  If you liked the first Duck Tales you will like the 2nd Duck Tales but don’t expect to love it.  


3 thoughts on “Duck Tales 2

    1. For me nostalgia plays a huge part in the original game. I can admit the second game has more to offer but because I didn’t grow up with it I don’t have that warm nostalgia feeling while playing it.

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