Kung Fu


Genre: Action

Developer: Nintendo

Total time played: 45 minutes

Short review: One of the original black box NES games.  The game is short and simple; punch and kick your way through poorly programmed enemies and then fight a boss.  There are only 5 levels in the game and it can easily be beaten in less than 5 minutes with some practice.  Like a lot of early games there is no depth it is just simple arcade action.

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It was a lazy Friday night and a few guys came over to the house to play some games.  Me and my friend Landon decided we were going to run through TMNT 2: The Arcade Game but were unsuccessful; we got to Shredder but died.  I decided I was not going to spend another Friday night without beating a game but it was getting late and I was getting tired.  I decided on Kung Fu as I remembered getting this game in high school and beating it in my first sitting in a very short time.

After I popped the game in and got a game over on the first level I realized the game was harder than I remembered.  It is very fast paced and you have to learn which attacks to use on which enemies and try not to die.  Eventually I got back in the groove and beat the game although it took 45 minutes and I got game over at least 10 times.  Although Kung Fu doesn’t really hold up as a great game it was a good  early NES game that showed what the NES could do.  Without Kung Fu we probably wouldn’t have great games like Double Dragon.


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