Mega Man 2



Genre: Platform

Developer: Capcom

Total time played: 2 hours

Short review: One of the few games on the NES that is universally loved and the best of the Mega Man games on the system.  The music is some of the best on the system, the difficulty is hard enough to ensure you will not beat the game on the first try but easy enough that with some persistence you will be able to beat it. The controls are as good or better than the Mario games and over 20 years later it still holds up as one of the best platformers of all time.

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From 1999-2005 I worked at Sears and for several of those years I worked with both Mike (red hat) and John (UK Shirt).  I never really talked about my NES collection and had no idea that Mike was also a collector.   I was shocked to learn that neither John or Mike had beaten Mega Man 2 so we decided to have a game night and I would coach the guys through the game as we took turns playing.

It took around 2 hours to beat for a few reasons: I hadn’t played the game in a few years, neither Mike or John were familiar enough with the game to run through without several game overs, and we were drinking beer while we played which caused the game to get more difficult the longer we played.  Eventually we Dr. Wily with the Bubble and snapped the photo below.

In 2010 I beat all 6 Mega Man games over a month.  They were the first games that I took pictures of as I beat them.  But, my laptop was stolen shortly after and the photos were lost forever so I was forced to start playing through the games again.  This was not a chore as the Mega Man series is my favorite series on the NES.

Mega Man 2 2010

Solo play through 2010


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