Genre: Arcade

Developer: LJM

Total time played: approximately 20 minutes

Short review: Jaws isn’t a bad game, there just isn’t much to it. Travel between two ports while experience randomly generated ship wreck battles.  Kill jellyfish and sharks and collect Conch shells.  Spend your shells to upgrade the strength of your weapon and once you are strong enough you fight Jaws. It is one of the shortest and easiest games on the NES but for some reason I keep revisiting it.  It isn’t really fun but it is a good game to play when you need to beat a game to boost your confidence.

Interesting links related to Jaws

When I was in elementary school a video store called Videorama popped up in the back of my neighborhood that became the place me, my brother and all the kids on our street would frequent.  The good news is we didn’t need to get an adult to take us, we just rode our bikes. The bad news was they had a small selection and the games were $3.00 to rent instead of $2.00 like at Video East and Movie Warehouse.  As an elementary school kid with a paper route that extra dollar made a big difference.

We pooled our money together and rented Jaws and were very disappointed in how crappy the game was.  This is the only game I ever remember renting from the Videorama, the store went out of business just as mysteriously as it opened.  I never gave Jaws another chance because of that experience.  But, as an adult I decided to revisit the game after hearing my friend Jason rave at how fun it was.  Jason is a rare gamer, he actually enjoys the LJN titles which are typically known as the worst licensed games on the system.

Jason wasn’t wrong, the game was better as an adult.  It is a game you can just turn on and zone out for 10 minutes, kill Jaws and then turn it off.  The game would be a lot better if it had more depth, there is literally nothing to it.  I imagine if the game was much longer it would get boring really fast but it is worth playing through at least one time.




One thought on “Jaws

  1. Overhated for sure, just short and repetitive. I owed this game (well, it came in a random auction box my father brought home) and looking back I think it would have been best served as a upright cabinet with like a lightgun harpoon. I would rather play that instead of whatever big buck hunting game at Gatti Town.

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